2013 brings with it over 50 years of snowmobile innovation from ARCTIC CAT, the little company in Thief River Falls, MN. When it comes to passion, no other manufacturer in the powersport world comes close, as these folks live and breathe snowmobiles and atvs! As usual, this past season proved to be a phenomenal one for ARCTIC CAT! Time and time again Team Arctic racers brought home the checkered flag. "TOTAL DOMINATION" is something that ARCTIC CAT is very familiar with. It all comes from building class leading products! From the use of "Body Saving Technology" to make your ride the most comfortable possible, to building the "Worlds Fastest Snowmobiles", ARCTIC CAT knows how to get it done! BUT, you don't have to be a racer to appreciate an ARCTIC CAT snowmobile!



ARCTIC CAT is proud to offer you one of the most extensive 2013 snowmobile line ups on the planet. Regardless of your riding style, there is a sled for you.  These sleds are not re-worked, old technology, when developing the Pro Cross & Pro Climb series of sleds, ARCTIC CAT designers and engineers started with a clean sheet of paper! The new chassis, which is the most important part of a snowmobile, combines the best attributes of several award winning designs; the ARCTIC CAT Sno Pro race chassis, the mountain tested, light weight "M" chassis, and the body saving Twin-Spar chassis. Every aspect of these machines have been scrutinized, evaluated, and then only after deemed perfect, utilized.  The new tapered 2-piece tunnel, is stronger, lighter, and much more ergonomical. The FasTrack slide-action suspension and skid frame is lighter and stronger, making it more agile, and ultimately faster. A-arm angles, shock alignment & angles, spindles, drive systems, brake systems, aerodynamics, nothing went into these sleds without first making it past the discerning eyes of the ARCTIC CAT engineers! After all, they gotta' ride 'em too!



Fast, light and comfortable, these machines come in three different variations...standard, "LXR", and "Sno Pro". All machines come equipped with digital/analog gauges, hand and thumb warmers, accessory outlets, and reverse. The "LXR" models offer you such features as electric start, deluxe gauge, mid-height windshields, and rear storage bags. The 4-stroke versions even have heated seats available! The "Sno Pro" package includes FOX "Float 2" ski shocks and a FOX "Zero Pro" 2" diameter rear shock along with a deluxe gauge, adjustable handlebar, belt holder, & air pump.

Don't forget to check out the the special Pro Cross F Sno Pro "RR" machines...they're about as close as you can get to a full blown race sled! When viewed from opposite sides, the're either green, or cool is that?!


 Pro Cross F Sno Pro "RR"

What do you get when you take an Pro Cross "Sno Pro", add electric start, a sport bumper (turbo), set of hand guards, a rear storage bag, low windshield, heated seats (1100 & turbo) and special paint and graphics? The 2013 "Sno Pro LTD".


 Pro Cross "XF" SERIES

The Pro Cross "XF" represents the best there is in "crossover" sleds! Built for the rider that is looking to hit the trails one minute, and propel through the powder the next. It's the mountain sleds' "little brother", featuring a strong, lightweight chassis with running boards that have large cutouts to prevent snow buildup. The handlebar includes a mountain strap to give you total control. Power is transmitted to the snow via a 141" COBRA track with 1.25" lugs.

The FasTrack slide-action suspension is controlled utilizing FOX "Zero Pro" (IFP) shocks all around, and a Fas Track slide-action in front and a "new coil" over rear shock. This system smoothes out the bumps and straightens out the curves to help you carve through the powder like a seasoned pro. Standard features include a digital/analog gauge, hand and thumb warmers, "mountain strap", and reverse. "Sno Pro" models get a deluxe gauge w/altimeter, telescoping handlebar, FOX Zero Pro (IFP) rear suspension shocks and FOX Float shocks at the front corners, along with a 141'x1.5" COBRA track.


Pro Cross XF "Sno Pro" LTD

Step up to the Pro Cross XF "Sno Pro" LTD and get all of the standard XF "Sno Pro" features along with electric start, goggle bag, a pair of hand guards, rear gear bag, and a 141"x1.5" COBRA track. Of course, you'll also some "Limited Edition" paint and graphics! 


Pro Cross XF Cross Tour

In the crossover market, ARCTIC CAT invites you to check out the all new Pro Cross XF CrossTour, AMERICAN SNOWMOBILER magazines choice for "BEST CROSSOVER" sled. What is the Cross Tour? It is the long distance touring champ! It's all about loading up your gear and heading out for for days, it's the adventure bike of sleds, it's...well, you get the idea! Whether you are a 2-stroke fan, and grab the bars of the 160+ hp 800cc fuel injected 2 stroke powered machine, or choose one of the 4-stroke stroke powered machines, you won't be disappointed, as nothing has been overlooked! Based of the Pro Cross XF chasis, she's ready to go! Just check out this list of standard features; electric start, push button reverse, front sport bumper, rear heavy duty "MRP" bumper, digital/analog gauge, adjustable "mountain" handlebars, mid-height windshield, hand & thumb warmers, cargo rack, mirrors, handlebar & rear storage bags, belt holder & air pump. This machine is ready to take you anywhere you can imagine...just make sure you tell the boss when you're coming back!



As ARCTIC CATS entry level offerings, these sleds feature either a carbureted 570cc fan-cooled 2-stroke engine, or you can step up to the fuel injected 500cc liquid...both have been proven over many years and many,many miles of use, and make for an affordable way to join in the fun that is snowmobilling. Don't be fooled by the price, both offerings use the comfortable "Twin Spar" chassis, and come equipped, NOT stripped with electric start, reverse, mid-height windshield, a digital/analog gauge, and hand & thumb warmers. 



This is the sled that took “AMERICAN SNOWMOBILERS” award for “BEST SLED" when introduced in 2010, and many more awards since. Based on the highly successful ARCTIC CAT Sno Pro 600 race sled, this machine has taken the snowmobile world by storm. Experience what TEAM ARCTIC racers already know about this chassis, she’s quick and nimble, easy to “toss around” with “point and shoot” handling. Power comes from a fuel injected 500cc liquid cooled engine. Up front, the Sno Pro 500 features An AWS III double wishbone A-Arms with FOX Zero Pro (IFP) shocks with 9.5” of travel. The rear suspension features ARCTIC CATS’ slide-action frame with coupling blocks and FOX (IFP) shocks with 13.5” of bump absorbing travel. Standard features include hand and thumb warmers, digital/analog gauge, electric fuel gauge light-weight saddleless skis, and awesome graphics!



Sno Pro 120

Of course, we can't forget the kids! The ARCTIC CAT Sno Pro 120 is the perfect beginners sled. Featuring a fan-cooled 4-stroke engine, and an AWS front suspension just like mom and dads'!



Snowmobiling is a great way for the whole family to enjoy the outdoors during the long winter months, instead of sitting inside, in front of the TV with the WII, or Xbox! Enter ARCTIC CATS "T Series" of 2-up touring sleds. Available in several configurations, there is one sure to fit your needs. All of these sleds utilize the proven and comfortable "Twin Spar" chassis. The base model comes equipped with a fan cooled 570cc engine, and continues up to the flagship TZ1 Turbo LXR, featuring a turbo-charged 1100cc 4-stroke engine.

All of these sleds feature electric start, reverse, hand & thumb warmers, removable rear seat with adjustable backrest, high windshield, and quick adjust overload springs. The "LXR" models include rider & passenger heated seats, adjustable handlebar, passenger hand warmers with wind deflectors, mirrors, luggage rack, and 3 storage bags, everything to make each outing memorable!



These are the hardest working sleds in the industry! If you have winter chores around the house, or around the farm, these sleds can make easy work of them. These sleds are available in your choice of two engine options, and four levels of equipment. The base model comes with a 570cc fan cooled engine and a 15”x151” x1.25” track. Standard features include; electric start, reverse, hand and thumb warmers, high windshield, detachable passenger seat, adjustable backrest, 8” skis, mountain strap, rear rack and hitch.


*Pro Climb "XF/M" SERIES 

The "M" stands for mountain sledding at its’ best! This series represents the finest deep snow sleds in the industry! Purpose built for the powder, not groomed trails! The all new Pro Climb chassis is both light-weight, and tough as nails! Features include a telescoping handlebar with mountain strap, FOX shocks and Power Claw tracks from 2.25”-2.60".


So pick your riding style, pick a sled, and get ready for a winter of fun!

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